Expectations from PM

It was expected from PM Imran, a relatively more educated man
than former President Reagan, who understood his own limitations and realised that in this age you need highly qualified specialists in economics, science, medicine, energy, education, agriculture, IT, etc to make policy decisions and not merely elected politicians affiliated with him. Reagan a man of average intellect was one of the most successful Presidents of US, because he possessed capacity of self-assessment of his own capabilities and that of his Cabinet. The PM and his Cabinet must set political objectives and priorities and leave it to specialists to implement them. Unfortunately Pakistan today faces a crisis in every sphere because politicians allowed civil servants to perform role of specialists for which they are neither capable, nor qualified being trained only as administrators. Tax collection and revenues from exports are on decline while administrative cost and pilferage has risen. Pakistan has suffered because of mediocrity that has ruled it after Jinnah’s demise. We inherited a civil bureaucracy trained to oppress natives by colonial Raj only to serve interests of HM government. Instead of reforming civil and uniformed bureaucracy to serve as servants of the State serving their citizens, we made cardinal mistake of not implementing Quaid’s directive to rid Pakistan of the curse of bribery and corruption which he elaborated in his August 11, 1947 address and at Staff College Quetta in 1948. The civil bureaucracy which served in the UK lived in modest accommodations and was disciplined to submit to rule of law. In contrast the bureaucracy trained by British Raj to serve them was there to serve their own interests and not welfare of local natives. Today our economy is shattered, our health and education system dysfunctional and inflation on rise.
DHA, Lahore

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