Expansion in Punjab Cabinet

AT long last, Punjab Cabinet has been expanded with the induction of eleven new members. Three Advisors and two Special Assistants have also been added to the team of provincial cabinet. With or without expansion of the Cabinet, Punjab Government has been delivering as per expectations of the people because of selfless leadership of Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif.
It is because of this that the province has always topped in all public opinion surveys so far conducted by different organisations to analyse performance of provincial governments. However, there has been consistent propaganda campaign by some vested interests about concentration of too much power by the CM as he looks after several departments. If seen from the perspective of much-needed austerity, this should have been lauded by all but the critics have been blaming the CM whenever there has been any shortcoming in any department. They believed that the CM was unable to concentrate on each and every department the portfolio of which he was retaining and therefore, called for devolving the power by appointing full-fledged ministers. We hope that performance of these ministries would further improve, as they now would have full-time ministers. Similarly, there were also grievances that some regions and groups have not been accommodated in the decision-making forums of the Government including the cabinet. With the new inductions, this aspect has also been taken care of and this would ease pressure on the Chief Minister and the PML-N. We expect that there would be more attention on good governance especially the instance of corruption and shirk-work in some departments and the rising crime rate in the province. Similarly, we would also urge PML-N leadership to take steps for culmination of the process of LG system, which is still not functional despite a lapse of one year of their elections. LG system can supplement and complement efforts for solving peoples’ problems at grass-root level so their functioning should be the top priority of all provincial governments.

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