An exhibition ‘Sanmao the Forever Young’ starts at China Cultural Center


A week-long exhibition “Sanmao the Forever Young Wandering Down the Shangai Alleys’ was started here at China Cultural Center on Wednesday.
Cultural Counselor Embassy of China Mr. You Yi inaugurated the exhibition accompanied by guests artists from China. In his welcome remarks, Cultural Counselor Embassy of China welcomed the participants. He said that the exhibition aimed to provide an opportunity to the students and visitors to connect directly with the Chinese Leading Cartoon Artists and to acquire public till the October 30 at China Cultural Center Exhibition Hall. San Mao was a very poor orphan.
He was wandering in Shangai where people dreamed of riches in the 1930s. Sanmao, together with his baldheaded friend Xiano Laizi received grain unexpectedly from the entrepreneur Wu Zifu. Later he fell into a coma mysteriously and the reporter Hou Yiwen would try to investigate the relationship between Wu Zifu and San Mao. Sanmao is a manhua character created by Zhang Leping in 1935.
He is one of the world’s longest running cartoon characters and remains a landmark as one of the most famous and beloved fictional characters in China today. The name Sanmao means “three Hairs” in Chinese. While the character has undergone a number of transitions over time, he has always been drawn with the trademark three strands of hair, which implies malnutrition as a result of poverty.
The son and grandson of the creator of Sanmao Cartoon character was part of exhibition. This occurance also depicts various categories of Sanmao comics and colorful cartoonic which was great for public attraction.—APP

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