Exemplary medical ethics

People across the country prefer visiting Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai — a not-for-profit charitable eye hospital, for treatment. I am also an old patient of the hospital since1992 for treatment of Glaucoma in both eyes which is considered as the most dangerous eye disease and root cause of most of the cases of blindness.
Fortunately my attending doctor is L. Vijaya — a very renowned physician in this field and patients from all over the country come to get their eyes checked and treated by her. Also many other efficient and famous doctors are attached to the hospital like her in different fields including sincere and dedicated staff. In this context, I would like to share an experience of mine which I cannot forget even after so many years.
One day after routine check up of my eyes, Dr Vijaya told me to come next day again for some further check up/tests and accordingly I made myself available there next day on time. To my surprise, her Secretary and other staff present there told me that Madam will not come today and will not see any patient since she is attending a seminar!
They also advised me to meet another Doctor who was attending Dr Vijaya’s patients for that day. I was so sorry to hear this and decided to wait for Madam with least hope. After some time, to my and others’ utter surprise, Dr Vijaya came to her chamber and saw only one patient i.e. me during lunch break in the seminar and went back. She knew that I had to travel long all the way from Kolkata to get my eyes checked by her. I was overwhelmed by the gesture she showed to an ordinary patient like me and so still she is like a goddess to me.

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