Executive Committee of IHCBA suspends its President

The Executive Committee of Islamabad High Court Bar Association (IHCBA) has suspended president ship of Arif Chuadhry in violation with its Constitution.
The suspension notification was issued following the Executive Committee Meeting of IHCBA held here at IHCBA office.
According to the notification, Arif Chaudhry was no more President of the IHCBA during the period of suspension and shall not exercise the functions and powers as the President of the Association, with immediate effect till further orders.
During the suspension of Arif Chaudhry, the Vice President shall perform the functions and exercise the powers of the President as contained in Article 11 of the Constitution of the Islamabad High Court Bar Association, Islamabad.
A Special Committee of the Executive Committee of the IHCBA shall inquire into acts or omissions, etc., committed by suspended President which shall submit its Inquiry report to the Executive Committee for its decision as per the Constitution.
According to the details stated in the notification Arif Chaudhry, President of the Islamabad High Court Bar Association allegedly called an illegal meeting of the General House of IHCBA on 17-10-2017 without information and approval of the Executive Committee of IHCBA as well as without fulfilling constitutional requirements.
He, in that so called meeting of the General House which was even lacking quorum as prescribed by the Constitution, passed an alleged fraudulent Resolution depriving the Secretary of the IHCBA from his constitutional powers of sanction and co-sign the cheques virtually making the Secretary disfunctional, it said.
Such illegal acts were not only the criminal breach of trust but also fraud, misconduct and violation of the Constitution warranting even cancellation of basic membership of such a member, whether a member or an office-holder of the IHCBA, notification maintained.
It was also alleged that being President he also stopped sanction and payment of amounts from the accounts of the Association to meet day to day expenses including salaries of the IHCBA employee practically making the Association disfunctional and causing frustration among the employees of the Association.—APP

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