Excellence in modern sciences

Science, technology and information technology are modern times knowledge with which every educated should equip himself for attaining greater successes and achievements in the world. Quite rightly, President Mamnoon Hussain has advised the youth in general and youngsters of backward province Balochistan in particular to achieve excellence in modern sciences to fully exploit the imminent development opportunities under great game changer CPEC.
According to media, the President while addressing the concluding ceremony of Sibi Festival has advised the provincial government to formulate a comprehensive policy to train the youngsters in the fields of sailing, its allied professions, modern banking, business techniques as well as hospitality of the foreign tourists. As is generally known, Sibi Festival is centuries- old event held to welcome the Spring Season and it features the folk culture performances, setting up of stalls, displaying of handicrafts and a cattle show.
About the CPEC, the President has quite emphatically debunked the rumours of any changes in its route and assured the people that the project is being executed according to its basic design, besides bringing people closer to each other it will also help in uplift of backward areas of both Pakistan and China and people of Balochistan and all the backward areas will be getting major benefits from the CPEC. The President is the highest stature figure of Pakistan and those raising objections against the game changer CPEC should believe when he categorically states its route is not being changed at all and instead work for its successful implementation.

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