Evils of the street beggars

I would like to elaborate the dark nature and evilness of the street begging in our society and also want the attention of our public as well as the concerned authorities. If we look around to our city a large guild of beggars could be seen in every street. In this guild of the beggar’s a large ingratitude of children and women could be easily found moving towards this profession and it has been increasing by the beggars’ mafia who trained young male, female and children for begging. Many of them are in the habit of using drugs too. Due to easy earning of money on a daily basis mostly join this profession by their own.
These children are the bright future of our Pakistan but many of them can’t even think about a successful career. They just have a concern only in earning money by this prohibited practice. Our concerned authorities and the public need to take this matter soberly and have to put a stop against the increasing population of these street beggars. Iit is our responsibility to spend Zakat, money to a needy one, not to these types of street beggars.

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