‘What is evidence against me?’ Musharraf asks Bilawal

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Former president Pervez Musharraf has once again pointed the finger at PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari as Benazir Bhutto’s killer, arguing that the latter had the most to gain from her death.
In a video response to Bilawal Bhutto’s chants of “Musharraf qatil” at Benazir’s death anniversary commemoration at Gari Khuda Bux on Dec 27, Musharraf took the misogynistic route to begin his argument, saying, “I would like to say to Bilawal, who is raising these slogans like a woman, that he should first become a man.”
“The other thing I would like to say to him is that saying these things like a child will lead to nowhere, what is the evidence for it [your accusation]?” he asked. “The one who benefited the most (from Benazir’s death) is their father, sitting in their own house, who terrifies them and forces them into raising these slogans against me,” Musharraf said, before beginning another tirade about how, in his view, the evidence in the case all points to Zardari as Benazir’s killer. “What evidence is there against me? You only keep saying that I did not provide any security (to Benazir), How can you say that? I say that the government provided 100 per cent security to her and it was not even my job.” “There was full security, Benazir came to Liaquat Bagh for two hours and then she passed through the crowd to sit in her bomb-proof car, which we had provided. How is it that not even a hair was out of place in the case of the other five people in the car?”

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