Evidence gathered against Ali Zafar is “incorrect and misleading”


In response to the article published online at Dawn Images on 04 June 2017 titled ‘Evidence Emerges that Ali Zafar and Patari worked to undermine Faris Shafi’s latest track”.
The author shares in the article a ‘leaked’ screenshot of an INTERNAL employee to employee communication which seems to be happening in their internal server at Patari, where a gentleman whose name was kept anonymous, claiming to represent Ali Zafar’s views was communicating with another employee. However, this has now been confirmed by Patari through Faisal Sherjan, co founder of Patari via his publically available statement as follows [edited for relevance to this specific matter]
‘…The screenshot leaked to Dawn Images is reflective of an internal conversation between Patari employees and not a conversation between Ali Zafar’s team members or Ali Zafar and Patari as is being discussed. Nobody from Patari spoke to Ali Zafar , directly or indirectly for any kind of forced placement of his music for his film as suggested by the Dawn story . This is a false narrative. The said employee has neither spoken to Ali, nor his communications team nor his management team all of whom represent Ali Zafar officially.
We urge such media to show more caution and balance in what they present as evidence and fact.

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