Everyone has right to comment on economy: Shah

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Opposition leader Khursheed Shah on Saturday said that everyone, from a common man to the army chief, has the right to comment on economy—taking an opposite position to the interior minister’s statement that the Director General Inter-Services Public Relations should refrain from commenting on the country’s economy.
Speaking to media in Rohri, Shah said that there is nothing wrong with the army chief commenting on the state of the economy since he was the “commander-in-chief” of the army. A weakened economy means a weakened army, he said.
Commenting on the scuffle outside accountability court ahead of indictment proceedings against Sharifs, Shah said that the incident “should open the eyes of every Pakistani as to where we are going as a nation”.
He added that the Pakistan People’s Party is working to ensure that different institutions of the country are not at loggerheads, and advised Pakistan Muslim League-N and other politicians to do the same.
Shah said the government should let the army chief comment on the economy if he wants to because he is the commander of the armed forces.
“The Line of Control will also be safer if the economy improves, and if it worsens, the army will get weaker,” he remarked.
If the chief of army staff has any misconceptions about the economy, the government should brief him on it, Shah added.
He said the issue over the finality of prophethood had been resolved by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto through the 1973 Constitution and when the issue came up again recently because of a mistake in the affidavit, it was amicably resolved.
However, Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law retired captain Safdar’s remarks have complicated the already settled issue, he said.
Shah further requested religious scholars to refrain from taking up the issue as it could encourage people towards blasphemy.
Talking to media, Khursheed Shah said that the scuffle between lawyers and security personnel that erupted outside accountability court in Islamabad was deplorable and that proper investigation into the matter is required.
He said clash between departments and state is dangerous for the country as weak institutions frail the government as well.

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