Evening courts

ACCORDING to media reports, government is actively considering a proposal to establish evening courts to cope with the issue of backlog of cases in morning courts. The plan envisages hearing of certain types of cases like family by these courts as a means to expedite disposal of cases and ensure speedy and inexpensive justice.
The idea for setting up of evening courts has been there for years and on various occasions the government promised to implement it for the sake of reducing case pendency but unfortunately so far it has not seen light of the day despite its obvious benefits and advantages. One can imagine the state of affairs by statistics that close to two million cases are pending in the Supreme Court, High Courts and the lower judiciary. There are numerous instances where litigants could not get justice for three generations making mockery of the entire system. Bribe, neglect of officials and misconduct are some of the reasons for inordinate delay in the dispensation of justice but it is also a fact that judges are over-burdened and find no time to hear cases with complete peace of mind and cases are frequently adjourned without any meaningful proceedings. This is despite the fact that evening courts were introduced in India in November 2006 and they have contributed a lot in reducing the number of cases and mitigating sufferings of the people. We hope that necessary formalities would be completed soon and the existing facilities would be exploited to the optimum by launching evening courts.

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