Evasive Police reforms

WE have been hearing since long about much-needed reforms in police system as there can’t be any improvement in law & order and provision of speedy justice to citizens without an efficient police force but the cherished goal remains as elusive as it was before. This is mainly because governments, civil or military, have been using police to meet personal and political objectives and police leadership never allowed free hand to make the force a disciplined and professional entity.
In this backdrop, a media report that a draft bill has been prepared to improve the FIR lodging system at police stations that envisages punishment for registering false FIR against any one and police would be bound to inform those mentioned in the FIR in writing about reasons for their arrest. Family of the arrested person would be duly notified and would be provided access to a legal counsel. We hope that legislators would lend their fullest support to the proposed law and contribute towards further improvement in the system. This is because false or wrong FIRs have become a chronic problem and these are routinely used to victimise people. It is a normal practice that those who were nowhere near the crime scene their names were entered in the FIR, get arrested and it takes months and years for investigations to complete and removal of their names from the FIR. Similarly, not to speak of allowing the arrested person to contact his family and lawyer, police usually rounds up family members as well to put pressure on the accused to make confession. Apart from improving FIR registration system, steps should also be taken to grant autonomy to police force, improve investigation methods and system, weeding out corrupt, induction of personnel on merit and improving standards of induction as well as in-service training to make Police a competent and people-friendly institution.

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