Europe terror attacks raises questions?

Shabana Syed

In any war the first casualty is truth and this is clearly evident by mainstream media’s contradictory narratives on the horrific terror attacks from Paris, Orlando, Nice, as opposed to the murder and mayhem taking place in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Malcolm X stated: “If you are not careful the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing”.
The recent beheading of an 84 year old priest by a known French security services tagged ISIS supporter horrified the world and President Hollande declared that ‘France is at war.’ Hasn’t France along with Europe and US been at war since 9/11; the infamous ‘War on Terror’ initiated after 9/11 attacks by George Bush which has proved to be also a ‘war on Islam’.
A war which according to a report last year by ‘Physicians for Social Responsibility’ has killed as many as 4 million Arabs and Muslims in Middle East if one includes also thosekilled by Iraq sanctions which according to UN left 1.7 million dead, mostly children Soon after the Nice terror attack France intensified it’s bombing of Syria killing scores of innocent civilian’s women and children, an act condemned by UNICEF. Mark Glenn US political commentator said: “Mass murder takes place in Syria everyday”. He argues what took place in Nice takes place in Syria every day and there is no tsunami of sympathy for the victims “because the victims are Arabs and Muslims”.
Two days after the Munich shooting, ISIS suicide bomber detonated killing 80 and injuring 230 in Kabul. There were no hashtags for the Afghan victims and hardly any news coverage. As a tsunami of sympathy outpours with hashtags for the poor priest who was not only beheaded but they filmed the killing; sadly there was no outpouring of sympathy for the helpless 13 years old Palestinian boy grotesquely beheaded for being a pro Assad supporter and his killing released on video by ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels linked to ISIS, funded and supported by the West.
The ‘war on terror’ engineered and fuelled by western security forces, while Israel’s Mossad is the poisonous glue that binds them all. Security agencies along with western governments are involved in the destruction of Syria, a Wikileaks email shows how Hilary along with President Obama orchestrated a war with Syria as the ‘best way to help Israel’. ISIS which has killed more Muslims than any other religious group, are mostly paid mercenaries controlled by Israel and the West. ‘ISIS is the only terrorist organisation that can travel 2000 miles to attack Europe but can’t travel 52 miles to attack Israel’.
Many analysts argue that Mossad is behind the spate of terror attacks after Le Figaro disclosed that France’s anti-terrorist executive has ordered Nice’s urban surveillance authorities to destroy all CCTV footage of the Nice Attacks on Bastille Day. It appears the only video that should be shown is the one that was taken by Richard Gutjahr who is married to former Israeli intelligence agent Einat Wilf. It appears Gutjahr who had prior knowledge was ready in place to not only record the Nice attack but also the Munich shootings, in the same way the dancing Israelis had been ready with their video cameras at the time when the twin towers were attacked on 9/11.
Cynthia McKinney, a Democrat and former member of the US House of Representatives from Georgia, posted a video on Twitter with the message: “Same Israeli photographer captures Nice and Munich tragedies. How likely is that? Remember the Dancing Israelis?” The Nice terror attack, committed by a Tunisian man who according to media became radicalised and attacked thousands of people crowded to celebrate Bastille day with a gigantic 19 tonne white lorry which was bullet proof, killing 84 and wounding many.
The man Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel described by media and claimed by ISIS as its ‘Islamic soldier’ was according to those who knew him, a drunk who ate pork, took drugs and used dating sites to pick up men and women. Bouhlel a poor small time crook sent 84,000 pounds to his family in Tunisia just before the attacks. Bouhlel was allowed to park his gigantic lorry in the same place for 9 hours. Nice has the highest amount of surveillance videos in the country. The question asked is why did the police vans blocking off the promenade were withdrawn before the attack took place?
Also how did a small time crook got hold of a bullet proof lorry, which by the way was supposed to have splattered scores of people as it went along on high speed, yet the white lorry afterwards had no blood marks on it. The media stated as in all attacks that there was only one shooter when witnesses saw a few other shooters. And witnesses said that many deaths occurred as armed men outside the lorry were shooting into crowds.
Also how and when did Bouhlel sitting in a bullet proof lorry amid the noise shout Allah O Akbar as he shot down the boulevard and who was it that heard him? Soon after Nice in a train near Bavaria, allegedly a young 17-year old Afghan refugee Mohammad Riyadh attacked some passengers with an axe and knife, while shouting Allah O Akbar. The young boy armed with only an axe and a knife just happened to run into a German armed police commando who shot the boy. The only link that he could be an ISIS soldier was the fact that a hand drawn ISIS flag was found in his room. However ISIS got its act together soon after by claiming Riyadh as their soldier and also released a video of a young man resembling Riyadh stating he was an ISIS soldier and going to kill Germans in their homes.
Needless to say that this video of ISIS was released by SITE (Search For International Terrorist Entities) which is run by Israeli Mossad agent Rita Katz who sits in US and with her crew makes ISIS and Al Qaeda videos to frighten the West. Apparently SITE is first place the terrorists drop off their videos. How can one forget the SITE videos of the ‘changing face and changing accents of Osama bin Laden’? Just a week after the train attack another teenager in Germany of Iranian descent attacked people in a mall. The boy allegedly shouted Allah O Akbar before he went on to shoot.
— The writer is a journalist based in London, UK.

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