Ethnicity and injustices in varsities

Hashim Abro

Like many others, my heart bleeds to point out here that ours is unfortunately not values-oriented and egalitarian society but a directionless and valueless, unjust society, where beradari system, ethnicity, regionalism, sectarianism, corruption and administrative injustices flourish like anything. So much so our educational institutions, be schools, colleges or universities, have also fallen prey to continuous ethnicity and administrative injustices. Our politically appointed Vice Chancellors never bother to promote quality education and nurture noble ideas and values but they promote mediocrity, distrust among all workers, and suppress administrative and academic justice on the campuses. A series of public opinion surveys and researches conducted in the recent past by well-reputed organizations and individuals have found that our various public sector varsities, especially, those based in the Federal Capital, Islamabad, are not promoting humanitarian values, national integration and quality education but politicised ethnicity and administrative injustices. Indeed, such social evils are very detrimental to national unity and socio-economic well-being. Reports also reveal that our varsities have become places where merit and excellence are sacrificed on the altar of primordial thinking. Alleged massive corruption and flagrant violation done by the Vice Chancellors in the recruitment and promotions is exposed by the altruist and whistle blowers, yet such individuals invoke ethnic sentiments, regional or sectarian link and bond to get away from, or prevent prosecution. If not checked, ethnicity and injustices are contagious and these social anomalies always spread quickly across borders like cancer cells and then we are well aware of the fate of a cancer patient or society; but who cares in this morally and intellectually corrupt society.

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