Esquires Coffee to open store in Pakistan


Esquires Coffee, the New Zealand based international coffee house franchise, announces it will open its first coffee store in Pakistan in early March, bringing to the country the very-best in third-wave artisanal, Organic and Fair-trade café culture. The new store at Zamzama Boulevard, Karachi is the first of a planned network of 40 stores to be rolled out across Pakistan over the next ten years. “New Zealand, where a morning cup of coffee from an artisanal café has been elevated to the status of a national institution, leads global café culture,” says Bearhug Chief Executive Jehanzeb Paracha (The master franchisee for Pakistan) “The country’s best coffee houses are at the hub of local communities. They are meeting places for families and friends and a place to informally conduct business from early morning often late into the evening,” Paracha said. “Esquires takes the very best of this culture and is building a global, artisanal and responsible global coffee brand. Our cafés are focused on the local community. They offer great Organic and Fair-trade coffee and honest and healthy food that makes the best use of local ingredients and is attuned to local tastes and habits.—PR


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