Erdogan’s forthright stance

TURKISH President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has emerged as a towering Muslim leader because of his loud and lucid stance on issues facing the Ummah. Quite recently we saw him leading the Islamic stance on the status of occupied Jerusalem by hosting an extraordinary meeting of the OIC and now when the US has opened a tirade having no justification against Pakistan and Iran, Erdogan has once again come up with an unambiguous statement saying Washington and Tel Aviv’s interference in both the countries is not acceptable.
Developments of the last one decade or so which saw Muslim countries being destabilized one after another through direct or indirect interventions clearly show that a greater game is being played by anti-Islam forces against the Ummah. This situation warrants that all the Muslim countries get on one page to foil those conspiracies. Both Pakistan and Iran are important members of the Ummah because of their clout and military prowess. This is the reason that a deliberate effort appears on the end of enemies to stoke anarchy and unrest in both the countries. Pakistan in fact has been facing acts of terrorism over the last one and a half decade regardless of the fact that it had nothing to do with 9/11 terror attack. Instead of acknowledging those sacrifices, Washington continues to blame Pakistan for the failures it is facing in neighbouring Afghanistan. Though Pakistan desires engagement with the US to remove the existing mistrust in relations, but the other side appears to be in a confrontationist mood. Similarly, in the case of Iran, Trump has been pursuing a hostile policy from day one contrary to the Obama Administration which in fact engaged the country and ended the standoff on Iranian nuclear program by signing a deal which envisaged gradual lifting of sanctions on Tehran. As part of a purported plot to transform the Middle East, the US and Israel are also being seen behind the recent protests that broke out in Iran. The US needs to understand that Pakistan and Iran are not Iraq or Afghanistan. Any {mis-}adventure against them will prove to be disastrous – the flames of which will engulf the whole region and beyond including its natural ally India. It is time for the Muslim countries to demonstrate greater unity and harmony while rising above their petty differences. Erdogan, who is highly revered in the Muslim world, can lead the initiative to bring Muslim leaders to one platform to collectively foil the conspiracies against the Ummah.

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