Erdogan stages show of strength

MORE than a million people have attended a pro-democracy rally held in Istanbul in the aftermath of Turkey’s failed coup attempt last month. The massive rally on Sunday united the country’s President, the Prime Minister and two opposition party leaders around a single issue for the first time in years.
Though there were no questions about popularity of President Tayyip Erdogan but the rally, also joined by the opposition, clearly showed that Mr. Erdogan was the most popular leader of the country and enjoyed confidence of the overwhelming majority of the nation. This was also evident from the failed coup attempt as people came out of homes in hundreds of thousands against their own Army and demonstrated their love for democracy. This is not without reason as President Erdogan worked painstakingly to take Turkey to new heights of socio-economic development as witnessed in monumental exports, ever increasing foreign exchange reserves and value of Turkish Lira, breaking shackles of IMF, industrialization and research and development in every field. People of Turkey are reaping fruits of right and prudent policies of their leader and that is why they show their complete confidence in him and his government. This is also a manifestation that popularity of a leader is based on his performance and performance alone. We hope that President Erdogan would leave behind this bitter phase, take steps for unity and reconciliation of the country and lead Turkey towards zenith of progress and development. There are, of course, some foreign elements who are unable to digest progress of the Turkey and might continue to create hurdles but Erdogan has the capability to take care of them.

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