Erdogan for peaceful Kashmir solution


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Ahead of his two day visit to India, president Erdogan of Turkey has raised concerns over the Kashmir question between India and Pakistan, saying, ‘’The relations between two nations are improving on a daily basis which makes me very happy, but this Kashmir question saddens us deeply. “Because, I think, this is a question that upsets both the countries. I believe, sorting out the question, which has not been settled for 70 years, will provide relief to both the countries.’’
In a media interview Erdogan went on to add, “extending conflict, extending question and carrying this question to the future will be unfair for the next generations because they will have to pay the price in the future. “And right next to the prosperity of Kashmiri people we need security and stability in South East Asia more and more”, Erdogan observed adding, “we don’t want to see this picture.” Erdogan said, in Jammu and Kashmir, “there is a state of India, and there is one of Pakistan, who are both in need of settling this dispute once and for all.”
Asked why Turkey blocked New Delhi’s admission to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), Erdogan said Ankara had “always been supportive of India’s entry into NSG and also that of Pakistan in a similar way”. He said both countries “have nuclear capabilities and both are right”.
Erdogan said there should be no permanent or non-permanent seats in the UN. Instead, he suggested that 20-member countries should rotate every two years in the Security Council.

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