EOBI pensioners’ woes

The recently announced budget for the EOBI pensioners needs no further explanation. It is quite evident and rather disappointing that higher authorities are paying little heed to the pleas of the pensioners who in their prime time did their fair share of work.
The senior citizens of our nation are suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and other health issues; on which they are spending a major portion of their income. They aren’t given medical allowance. Moreover the food prices and that of basic necessities are increasing every day. Aren’t these people worthy enough to receive a meagre amount so that they may be able to live their old age peacefully? EOBI being a fat cow should consider giving its pensioners a significant increase or at least some exemption. I’d like to request the prime minister who is an industrialist himself and the finance minister to give this problem a serious thought.
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