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Enhance manpower export

As the Government is focusing on increasing remittances in order to meet with economic issues such as current account deficit and in this regard has also announced several measures in order to encourage flow of foreign currency into the country through legal banking channels, time also warrants that steps are taken towards increasing the manpower export to other countries. Increase in manpower export means more inflows of foreign currency into the country. However, the goal cannot be achieved without a well thought-out strategy.
Already due to lack of any policy, a sharp decline in export of manpower has been witnessed over the last three years which will not augur well if the country really wants to substantially enhance its remittances. One of the major reasons behind this decline is that we are not producing the sufficient number of trained people and in countries like the Gulf and South Korea, there is only demand of skilled people these days. In recent times Qatar had announced to provide one hundred thousand jobs to Pakistanis but there is no follow up on it. Similarly, given the warmth in relationship witnessed with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, opportunities could also be explored in these friendly countries. The fact of the matter is that opportunities are there but there is need to seize them through right kind of interventions. The government needs to strengthen the technical training institutes in order to produce a market oriented workforce. Keeping in view the size of big population, we can indeed produce a large pool of trained workforce to meet domestic and foreign requirements if institutions such as NAVTTC are fully made operational. Already the ratio of technical and vocational training is very low in our country as compared to some regional countries such as Bangladesh and India. Awareness needs to be created amongst the people about the benefits of technical education. In fact those getting the technical education earn many times more than those pursuing the course of formal education and this is what we need to inculcate in the youth which will help them stand on their own feet and grab the opportunities abroad. Whilst taking on board overseas employment promoters, the government needs to firm up a comprehensive program for training of youth as per the modern standards and keeping in view the demand of the market. Scholarships should also be awarded to the students pursuing technical education. Then an institutionalized framework should also be put in place which assists the youth grasping the opportunities abroad.