English translation of Sultan Bahoo’s Abyat launched

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MUSLIM institute organizes book launching ceremony of English translation of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo’s Punjabi Abyat at National Library of Pakistan. Among distinguished speakers were Ambassador of Portugal, H.E. Mr Jao Paulo Sabido Costa, Ambassador of Poland to Pakistan, Piotr A. Opalinski and Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali, Chairman MUSLIM Institute
Speakers said that Sultan Bahoo’s poetry is philosophical in essence but easy to understand. One of the key elements related to the translation of Dr. Z. A. Awan is the focus on basic content with an easily understandable explanation.
His poetic lines in Abyat end at the word Hoo which makes it unique. It influences as well as guides an illiterate and a scholar as well. Sufism has been the most effective tool against sectarianism. Words are not enough to pay tribute to the services rendered by Sultan Bahoo, a personality known for great conviction and thought among distinguished Muslim scholars. He is considered the epicenter of devotion and transformation of societies. Speakers appreciated services rendered by MUSLIM Institute with a special focus to promote pacifist teachings to curb darkness of hatred, racism and xenophobia through values of love, kindness and compassion, ardently espoused and practiced by Sufi Mystics.
The book encompasses key concepts of spiritualism while elucidating ‘Wahdaniat’ and ‘Risalat’.

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