Energy crisis or attitude crisis

M Qasim Khokhar

Pakistan is facing energy crisis and has landed into a vicious cycle. Its energy needs are multiplying due to increasing population, urbanisation. There is another dark side to Pakistan’s energy crisis, which has limited its growth and has made more than 4.1 million people unemployed. This unemployed youth is slipping into hands of extremists, which are re-employing them to disturb law and order, further retarding growth.
Thus energy outages are seriously hampering government’s strategy to eradicate poverty, which in turn breeds extremism and violence in the society at large and specially in slums. And to add fuel to the fire, all this is happening at a time when we are fighting a war of survival of our values and against terrorism in FATA and parts of KPK.
There is another dimension to this crisis. Massive corruption and poor law and order situation is discouraging Foreign Direct Investment and private investment in Pakistan which ultimately leads to more outages and load shedding. Further, as precious resources are diverted towards war against terrorism little fiscal space is left with Government to invest in energy infrastructure.

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