Energy crisis

Raheel Ghumman

In Pakistan there is a crisis, which is derived from a Greek term meaning “a moment of decision”, and indeed this is a decisive moment for Pakistan. Energy is what drives nations to development and prosperity which is amply demonstrated by the Chinese juggernaut with its structure and planning and the vision of its leaders which has set China on a course to become the largest economy in the world and currently only second to the United States. For Pakistan to avert the energy crisis, it must follow the Chinese model. The problem in Pakistan is the lack of planning and lack of will, misallocation of funds and always looking for foreign help to alleviate problems here when the leaders should look for means of energy in the country and making it self-sufficient. If a country and its leaders are complacent, other countries, which plan, move forward while Pakistan lags behind. And the more severe the crisis the more stagnant the economy, which in turn inflates prices and more problems for the common man.
Another thing that everyone must realize is responsibility. We always look not the way to go around. To make the country prospering, every man and woman must take responsibility and be hard working like the Chinese. And the government must take measures by producing energy with an emphasis on self-sufficiency by building dams, solar energy and even producing energy from wind. All means must be explored.

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