End terrorism and war

The barbaric Tehran attacks have just come as grim reminder of the menace of mushrooming terrorism. The factors like the disturbed surroundings, animosity with neighbours and long-standing conflicts are the root causes of terror menace and radical/extreme actions. The Tehran attack is one example of this kind.
People and the countries the world over are facing profound difficulties. The lack of vision, the missing far-sighted actions, the scarcity of great minds and the dearth of understanding/relationship have led to the conflict and animosity that have long been spread across the world.
Economic slump, unemployment, unstable life and uneven growth have turned out to be bigger issues. The leaders from the various countries should understand these chronic issues and take urgent steps to resolve these perennial issues. Above all, the countries in the world should bury their differences of opinion and come together to jointly fight the terror menace through proper strategies and technology. It is time to walk towards a world of peace and prosperity.
P Senthil Saravana Durai
Maharashtra, India

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