Encroachments operation ends after AC’s transfer

Shaffaat Malik

Talagang—Operation against encroachments in city has come to an abrupt end after transfer of Assistant Commissioner Waseem Ahmed.
In his place, new AC Wasif Rehman will take charge soon. During tenure of AC Waseem Ahmed, the Talagang-Chakwal road was widened to 82 feet from new Bus Terminal to GPO and all the encroachments hindering this expansion were razed.
After the demolition of encroachments, the former AC commenced the restoration work in the city. However, shortage of funds always remained main problem.
It may also be mentioned that the former AC was also not in the good books of Special Adviser to Chief Minister Punjab, Malik Saleem Iqbal as he recalled all TMA staff deputed at the residences of various local political high-ups including the Special Adviser.
This act of Mr Waseem angered Saleem Iqbal; who turned against him. The differences between the AC Talagang and DCO Chakwal Javed Mahhmood Bhatti have also played a major role in his transfer to Rawalpindi.
The sufferers of this tussle between the bureaucracy and the politicians are none other than the general public. The unplanned yet good-intentioned operation against encroachments was a welcome step and appreciated by all; however it has created a mess in the city and the public is suffering visà-vis heaps of garbage everywhere.
Moreover, spread of diseases is also feared. The public has, therefore, appealed to the CM to look into this issue on immediate basis and provide relief to the residents by constituting a high-powered committee for subsequent renovation and restoration of city.

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