Encroachments galore

It is pitiable and deplorable to see encroachments of all sorts continue galore everywhere in the provincial metropolis without any check and let up whatsoever. This sad situation obviously brings into question the very disappointing performance of the Mayor and Deputy Mayors and civic bodies of Lahore. In the first instance, there are no footpaths in many localities and secondly these are either covered by roadside businesses and old furniture marts making it difficult for the pedestrians particularly elderly ones to walk on any roadside with safety. LDA Anti-Encroachment Squad is seen in action against the vendors all around every day, they also come periodically with trucks and police escort to clear the old furniture lying on the roadside but then go away after “successful” negotiations with the owners and greasing their palms which remains their main purpose of the visit. I, an elderly pedestrian, challenge the Mayor and Deputy Mayors of Lahore, to walk with some elderly people like me on foot anywhere in the provincial capital particularly for little more than a furlong in E-Block Jauhar Town towards Jinnah Hospital with safety and security comfortably. There are at least four old furniture shops whose furniture items are dumped on the roadside and one has to walk taking the risk of life with the non stopping and non caring traffic rushing along side.

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