Encroachers will have to face severe penalties: GDA

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

Abbottabad—Galiyat Development Authority took the initiative to build the infrastructure and to remove every hindrance and show zero tolerance against encroachers under the supervision of Director Admin “Raza Ali Habib” which will enhance the beautification of the Galiyat region. Whoever, encroaches or violate the approved site plan or structure of a buildings in Galiyat region, shall be liable for punishment for the term not exceeding three years or fine up to rupees one million or both says spokesman of the GDA through press release.
Moreover the director general or any officer of the authority, duly authorized by GDA, shall have the powers to seal any building, structure or any premises for violation of any clause of new ordinance. In the beautification projects like face-lifting of the bazaars comprises of Nathiagali, Dungagali, Ayubia, Tauhida-baad, Changla Gali up to Barian, rest areas for the tourist at five different places are ready for inauguration which consist of washroom, tea spots Br B Qs stoves, sitting areas and playing land, food street in Nathiagali and flower markets at the Pipeline in Nathiagali has been completed under given time by the end of this month.
The computerization of Land Record of Management and Information system has completed and the people will be facilitated in the Mutation and Registry process. Computerization of Land Records with overall objectives is to improve service delivery and to enhance the perceived level of tenure security. Mutation and Registry process will be done through biometric system.
It was further told that the 26 kilometers roads have been widened along with the protection walls & barriers are also constructed to save people from any incidence. The Monitoring and Evaluation unit has been introduced first time in the GDA, s history for check and balance measures regarding beautification projects, roads, and other developmental works under the supervision of Galiyat development authority & they will also monitor the staff and their responsibilities as well which will help to improve the skills and regularity of staff.
Raza Ali Habib further added, that the composition of GDA likely to be changed and more than 80% representation are in the hand of the locals and private members.07 member shall be from private sector and four members from govt sector to be appointed & notified by govt & this is also decided that chairman of the authority shall be elected amongst the members from private sector which have adequate experience in ,skills community development ,marketing ,tourism ,architecture ,law, finance or civil engineering.
Moreover software has been developed for the people of Galiyat to addressing their issues with officials, and for this purpose a complaint cell has launched in the office so that the problems of the people could be resolve in minimum time. Right to Information unit has been established so that people will be able to get more information regarding the development projects from the officials.

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