Employment opportunities

Since its formal launch, CPEC is being described as a great game changer everywhere. CPEC projects are creating a large number of both direct and indirect employment opportunities for Pakistani engineers and workers and has thus started making positive contribution towards gradually minimizing unemployment in our country.
According to facts and figures, already more than 30 thousand Pakistani engineers and workers have got direct employment on various development projects in the country under CPEC umbrella. This also dispels the wrong impression created by hostile inimical quarters that only Chinese engineers and workers are being hired by increasing number of Chinese companies making investment in various sectors in addition to CPEC. As against over 30 thousand Pakistani engineers and workers, about 8000 Chinese are working on the CPEC projects.
Game changer CPEC is being implemented in three phases of short, medium and long term till 2030 and gradually its scope is also being enhanced resulting in more Chinese investment, thus creating more and more job opportunities. All this quite obviously augurs well for ushering in an era of prosperity and development as well as reducing level of unemployment with thousands of Pakistani engineers and workers being provided direct and indirect employment on CPEC-related projects.
Pakistani engineers who are working in large number with Chinese engineers on different projects should be availing this God-given opportunity of learning from Chinese experience and trying to upgrade their knowledge and experience of latest modern Chinese technologies in different sectors. Gaining such experience by working with the Chinese engineers will certainly and surely is going to benefit them in the longer run even after the projects under CPEC umbrella are completed in due course.

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