Employment opportunities

The government has failed to create enough jobs to match the increasing number of fresh graduates in the job market. Local and international corporations operating in Pakistan have also shown reluctance in hiring fresh graduates. It has added to the already mounting agony of those completing their studies and relentlessly searching for a job to gain professional experience and exposure into the professional world. The minimum requirements of job experience averaging between two and three years for advertised jobs has done nothing but to deprive youngsters of the opportunities to work and earn a respectable living for themselves. It has just rendered them hopeless. There is a need to realize that hesitation on the part of corporations to hire fresh graduates has led to the inference that they have no faith in the potential of students which has undermined the confidence that youngsters have in themselves and their skills. I request the authorities concerned to pay heed to this serious issue as our universities are churning out thousands of graduates, unaware of the fate awaiting them in the actual job market. This will eventually lead to a flight of fresh talent from our country to the outside world, leaving our corporations lagging behind in innovation which fresh graduates have to offer.

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