Employees’ want more return from FEB&GIF

Sophia Siddiqui


Apart from income tax, the salaries of federal government employees are subject to various other deductions such as Federal Employees Benevolent & Group Insurance Funds (FEB & GIF) but in return, poor employees get nothing even after reaching age of superannuation, claimed by the federal government employees while talking to this correspondent.
Approaching this correspondent, employees said that employees who die during service get some benefits from Group Insurance while from Benevolent Fund only those employees reimbursed their children College/University fee who pass their higher education exams with good percentages. ‘I have served some thirty two years in a public department and now when I am reaching the age of superannuation, I will get nothing from Group Insurance or the Benevolent Fund contributions,’ said one of the employees on condition of anonymity.
The employees said that every insurance scheme has a maturity age but we get no amount from the Group Insurance contribution even after retiring from the service. ‘Death is the only criterion to get some cash back from the Group Insurance contribution’ The employees also claimed that the employees of Balochistan government as well as those of the armed forces get accumulative amount under the head of Group Insurance and Benevolent Fund.
The federal employees demanded of the government to review the policy vis-à-vis these two heads. They said that the amount contributed by the employees should be returned to them with profits on their retirement. The employees also appealed the federal insurance ombudsman to take notice of the injustice being meted out to the employees and issue necessary directions to the government in this regard.

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