Emerging threats

It is unfortunate that around 60 people have been killed and over 527 injured in the Las Vegas shooting incident. This deadliest-ever gun attack in America has sent shockwaves across the world. There is nothing wrong saying that the free use of guns and the loopholes in the rules restricting the use of firearms are adding to the so-called gun culture in the US. More than terrorism, the prevalent gun culture is posing grave threat to America. At the same time, the terror threats/attacks have taken a heavy toll on the international community so far. It may be recalled that the September 11 attacks that occurred in 2001 had inflicted heavy casualties on the US. As a college student then, I was shocked and spellbound after reading news of US attacks in the newspapers in my native district of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India.
The entire world knows how America had emerged stronger from the September 11 attacks and how it had tackled the perpetrators – simply because of the strict vigil and strong strategies of the previous ruling regime/governments in the US. For now, the American President Donald Trump should explore the past records and achievements of his predecessors. Accordingly, he should act against the American gun culture. Finally, all the countries the world over should jointly fight the terror attacks and the gun culture posing threats to the mankind and the international community.
Maharashtra, India

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