Eman concerned over lowest ranking of working women

Raza Naqvi


The chairperson district council Attock Eman Waseem has shown great concern over lowest ranking of the working women from the main middle class families in Pakistan. She said that statistics show that women, who are nearly 52% of Pakistan’s population, make only 32% of the labour. United Nations Organization is working on enabling women to be 50% of world’s total workforce by 2030.
This means, Pakistan can benefit from UNO’s programs to educate and empower women in every social sector of Pakistan. While talking to newsmen she congratulated women in Pakistan in particular, and across the globe in general. She said that it was originally called International Working Women’s Day and is celebrated on March 8th.
This day provides us an opportunity to look back and appreciate how far we have progressed in the welfare of the women in Pakistan and also their contribution towards Pakistan, and realize what more needs to be done in this respect. A very large number of women participating in almost every walk of the life but they have yet to contribute much in the welfare of the nation.
This can only be done by realizing the great potential of the women’s role in daily life, she added. Statistics show that women, who are nearly 52% of Pakistan’s population, make only 32% of the labor. Of which, women of low income families rank the highest. Second highest are the women from high income families. But unfortunately the women from the middle class are at the lowest in ranking. It means the women in this largest class only work to sustain their immediate families. Usually these are girls of young age.
This also means they are unable to get proper education and or vocational training. An educated and skilled working class woman is essential for any nation and its welfare. Eman Waseem said that many women have taken initiatives and met the expectations that a great nation hopes from its majority and I am proud of being one amongst those. We need to assure that women get their fair share in all walks of life.

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