Elimination of quackery

It is worth noteworthy that the Punjab Government is determinedly taking all possible measures for ensuring provision of modern healthcare facilities to the people almost nearest to their doorsteps in the rural and urban areas throughout the province At the same time, the provincial government is taking effective steps to eliminate quackery and save the people from failing in the hands of fake doctors and quacks and thus endangering their health to a great extent.
Campaign against quacks, fake doctors and illegal clinics all over the province is being vigorously carried out in a commendable manner by the Punjab Healthcare Commission. They are running their unhealthy and illegal businesses everywhere openly as well under some fictitious cover and playing with the health of the people in the cities, towns and villages everywhere.
According to the reports in the newspapers, the Healthcare Commission teams conducted raids indifferent localities of the provincial metropolis and detected as many as 30 quacks running dental and medical clinics illegally and sealed these on the spot. The teams also found various laboratories working without qualified staff and with dirty equipment.
While appreciating these anti-quackery measures by the Punjab Healthcare Commission, this is appropriate to ask for accelerating these efforts and giving exemplary punishment to the anti-social elements who are playing with the health of the people. At the same time, the healthcare officials should also ensure that the people are educated and made aware about the more and more healthcare facilities being provided by the provincial government with provision of adequate funds and avail these facilities instead of falling prey to the quacks and fake doctors. If the people know about the healthcare facilities being provided at the government hospitals, basic health units then they will certainly avail these and avoid going to the quacks ,fake doctors and ill-equipped laboratories.

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