Elements called terrorists

The Egypt mosque attack should be strongly condemned. No doubt such mindless attacks and terror threats have long been posing immediate danger to the world community. In the past the countries had encountered many terror attacks that had then conveyed the real intention of the attacks. Nowadays the terrorist attacks happen like anything – often uninterrupted. All kinds of media, like print and digital, are quick enough to put the death toll figure like never before. These things really confuse the people and they will send the wrong signals.
Furthermore, no countries will easily forget the September 11 attacks and their gigantic aftermath. What is the use or the purpose of such terror attacks? – is a big question to be seriously posed to the so-called radicalized elements. The innocent, the disabled and the diseased are often “becoming victim to the menace of terrorism.” These menaces should be stopped forthwith, anywhere in the world.
Interestingly, the media should highlight the news of terror attacks in a way that will have an impact on the people and the countries. Such serious reactions will attract the attention of the people and the governments. Way back in 2000 and 2001, the Internet activities had started picking up and taking shape enormously in India. As a computer student then, I had posted my strong viewpoints on the September 11 attacks online. The economic conundrums caused by the weather vagaries and the terrorism are the two big threats the international community is facing now. Sincere efforts and strong strategies are needed on the part of the countries towards tackling these issues – the sooner the better.
Maharashtra, India

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