Elections: PILDAT for probe into questions raised by political parties

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In the PILDAT assessment on quality of general election 2018, the overall score of quality of General Election 2018 stands at 51.79pc which has dropped nearly 5 percentage points from the quality of General Election 2013 assessed to be at 56.76pc. PILDAT has proposed investigation into those aspects of the election about which a number of questions have been raised by various political parties and candidates.
The quality of General Election 2018 has been assessed on 4 broad categories of 1) Pre-Poll; 2) Polling; 3) Counting of votes, Compilation & Transmission of Resultsand 4) Post-Poll phase. Pre-Poll Phase which has received an overall score of 50pc, Polling Day Operations and arrangements for voting which have received the highest score of 64pcCounting, Result Compilation & Transmission of Results which have received the lowest score of 40pc in the assessment and the Post-Poll phase which has received the score of 50pc.
The PILDAT Assessment of Quality of General Election 2018 is a continuation of earlier similar assessments that have been carried out by the think tank after General Elections of 2002, 2008 and 2013. Similar assessments in the past assigned the overall score of 37.30pc to the quality of General Election 2002 and 40pcto the quality of GE 2008. The scores improved for quality of General Election 2013 at 56.76pc but have dropped again to 51.79pc for the quality of General Election 2018. This drop in quality is mainly due to Poor Quality of Pre-poll phase which is largely attributable to the factors lying outside the direct remit of the ECP.

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