Elections 2018 — Viva Pakistan

Tariq Khalil

ELECTIONS 2018 are over and the nation has decided for the change especially young Pakistanis. The emergence of Tehreek-i-Insaf has put wrong of the majority of opinions of anchors and analysts of hung Parliament. On the other side it rejected the old guard and more or less all major political leaders stand rejected. Following our tradition they started calling foul. Whereas EU observers and other major observers even from India have termed election free barring minor incidents. Again RTS delayed the results and Election Commission has blamed NADRA. This seems to be conspiracy to undermine credibility of elections. NADRAs reputation in this connection is not very healthy as most appointees are by MNS.
Since 1971 Pakistan is again at crossroads. The bit of conspiracies is always been there In Pakistan. As a matter of fact Indo-US and Israeli lobbies who reached the conclusion they cannot conquer made a superb plan and no less even Prime Minster was tamed to be their asset. Nawaz Sharif fell into this trap that friendship with India will guarantee his strength politically vis-a-vis establishment. A very wrong premise. There is no doubt centre of gravity are the Defence Forces of Pakistan. International establishment plan was to gradually erode their unity and their resolve to defend Pakistan. Multiple approaches were adopted to achieve their aim starting with rise to power of Nawaz Sharif against expectations and to follow up with hoisting such persons to be heads of important institutions who in last years systematically eroded this starting from State Bank, down the line it incapacitated the civil servants who started acting like servant of oligarchs.
In the name of trade and growth MNS made compromises at the cost of national interests gradually drifting himself into blind ally. But, he was ploughing through successfully and gradually we find Indian tilt more and more. Pakistani people gradually got alerted to this and Panama revelation has been the watershed. Opposition, Imran Khan in the lead got the opportunity to nail him. Successful to evade Dharnas of 2014 got sucked in web of mistakes he made as a follow up in his defence. End result we see getting punished by Supreme Court. This is a great blow to the strategic objectives of India supported by international establishment.
Last one year we saw immense pressure on Pakistan. Ceasefire violations running into hundreds, violations and sabotage activities sponsored from Afghanistan especially in Balochistan. Gradually MNS tirade against army and Judiciary became blatant. In his calculations MNS made two major mistakes by targeting army and other tirade and slaughter of Judiciary. This has not gone well with the people of Pakistan. Social media was quick to pick up this dangerous drift and conspiracy of international establishment, whose strategic aims are to see Pakistan a pliant State, Check on China’s influences and impact of CEPC. All efforts will be made to put difficulties in the way of Imran Khan. Elections have nailed all the conspiracy plans and people of Pakistan has rejected the lot responsible for the mess narrated above. Imran khan will now take over as Prime Minister. The real test will start now. While no miracles be expected but he has the drive and dedication. Every effort will be made to fail him by entrenched mafias in political parties, bureaucracy, business and by anti Pakistan elements.
Major reforms are needed to put civil services back on track whereas these have turned themselves Servant of political bosses. Economic condition is not hidden and a major challenge is ahead for the new finance minister. Already planted cells in ministries have started lobbying for IMF support. New government should not and must not go to IMF if they want vision of Imran Khan to be fulfilled. IMF conditionalities will be to cut CPEC. Cut Defence spending, and harsh taxation. Whereas we need incentives and reduced taxation for industry to make it compatible. Our cost of production must be brought lower than our competitors. Cut government expenditure by at least 20 per cent. Economic emergency to ban all luxury, non-essential for next five years by suppressing some WTO clauses. FBR reforms with no power to frame out side parliament taxes, issuance of SROs, etc FBR be only collecting agency.
Traders and industrial should not be allowed to siphon out the money. In foreign policy domain Imran Khan speech is very balanced. In this frame work new direction in Foreign Policy can be chartered. It be noted international. Make NDC vibrant. International establishment is writhing in pain having failed in their plans. New York Times, Washington Post and many other are spewing venom to tarnish the credibility of elections and new government. Lobbyist hired by opposition parties are behind and so as international establishment. Our opposition parties should have grace to accept defeat and remember the fate of countries where anarchy ruled. Assemblies, they will not find space to hide. Let us work for new prosperous Pakistan.
—The writer, a retired Brigadier, is decorated veteran of 65 & 71 wars and a defence analyst based in Lahore.

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