Elderly challenges

The elderly population is rising universally, and same is the case in Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan’s demographic trends suggested that from 1999 to 2010 population aged 60 plus years increased by 75.1%. Similarly, as a developing country, our country is facing several challenges like political uncertainty, lacks in financial development, and low savings opportunities for elderly and week annuity system makes their life dull. However, geriatrics medical training is neither recognized nor practiced in Pakistan. Furthermore, health and concession policies for elderly is only limited to a certain class. On the other hand, we cannot blame government for every issue that elderly are facing like loneliness that considered as the leading issue in which most of seniors suffer from. As they need someone, from whom they can share their thoughts and can indulge themselves into recreational activities, which aid them to achieve satisfaction. To resolve all these challenges we need a collaborative effort from government and our society. As we need an immediate health and security polices to safeguard their future, establishment of day care services from where they can avail library facilities, recreation programs and interactive sessions so they will able to give their comments or opinions on various topics. This is the only way we can provide them a better social and health care.

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