El Nino turns weather topsy-turvy

METEOROLOGICAL Department has forecast that a new spell of rain would lash different parts of the country from Wednesday. According to the DG, Met Office Ghulam Rasool such a severe rain pattern is not observed in spring season but anomalies in El-Nino climate cycles, a complex weather pattern resulting from variations in ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific, are influencing weather patterns across the globe.
The summer season in Pakistan is also expected to be extremely harsh and intense as was witnessed last year in Karachi where dozens of people died. The people would have to face the brunt of hot weather conditions in May and June while observing Ramadan. Weather pundits and scientists have been predicting this topsy-turvy weather pattern for quite some time wherein heat and cold waves could become more intense and play havoc with lives of the people and the planet. This change in weather was inevitable due to havoc afflicted to the environment by none other than the humans themselves. In the days to come, different regions are expected to witness unusual weather trends including more erratic dust storms, rain events and hot and cold spells. Recently, the same extreme weather conditions wreaked havoc in UAE where heavy rains accompanied by strong winds brought the life to a standstill. Several coastal cities around the world including Karachi face submerging risk due to rising sea level caused by global warming. This alarming situation should ring alarm bells and the situation demands matching response. As it is matter of the very survival of our planet, the whole world community should join hands to implement policies aimed at alleviating climate change and adapting to its impact. Back in Pakistan, we need to massively enhance our forest cover, check land degradation and cut down fossil fuel pollution to meet the challenge of climate change head-on.

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