Egypt migrant boat deaths rise to 200

Cairo—Rescue workers on Wednesday pulled dozens of bodies from the hold of an Egyptian fishing boat that sank in the Mediterranean Sea carrying hundreds of migrants trying to make it to Europe, bringing the toll from the disaster to more than 200 dead.
As the dead were brought to a pier outside the coastal city of Rosetta, families of the missing went through the grisly task of searching through the body bags for their loved ones. Women broke into screams and some men collapsed whenever they recognized someone, some only by their clothes because of the bodies’ condition after nearly a week in the water.
For days, authorities and fishermen have been recovering bodies from the water or finding them washed up to the shore, ever since the boat capsized and sank before dawn on Sept. 21 about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) off the Egyptian coast.
Around 160 of those on board survived, many of them spending hours in the water until rescued by local fishing boats. Families of those still missing have been camped out all week at the piers, waiting for word on their loved ones and angrily accusing authorities of not doing enough to find them.
On Tuesday, a crane vessel hauled the boat, called the Mawkib al-Rasoul, or “Procession of the Prophet.—Agencies

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