Efforts needed to contain diseases through prevention: Baligh

Staff Reporter

Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training, Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman on Thursday said that efforts were needed to contain infectious diseases through prevention. He was speaking at the inaugural session of international workshop on “One health Fellowship Programme” organized by Pakistan Academy of Sciences in collaboration with National Academy of Sciences (NAS) USA.
The minister while promised all out support of government of Pakistan to join hand with international partners to contain infectious diseases.
Participants included, head of organizations, researchers, policy makers beside experts from USA, UK, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and France were attended the workshop. The experts were of the opinion that the world today was a highly interconnected place in which people, animals and vectors as well as the pathogens they carry or transmit were only an airplane flight away from any point on the globe.
In addition, the interface between humans and animals was ever increasing, whether due to crowding and commerce, or due to human colonization of previously uninhabited or sparsely populated settings.
These factors create a perfect environment for rapid spread of zoonotic diseases. Recent outbreaks of diseases of zoonotic origin, such as SARS, MERS, Foot and Mouth disease, BSE, avian influenza, BSE, and Nipah virus had caused not only major human suffering but also enormous economic cost.

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