Effects of poverty on children

Poverty has its adverse effects in every aspect of life. However, children born in poverty are more likely to suffer persistent, frequent and severe problems than children who grow up in better circumstances. It is reported that infants born in poverty are vulnerable to low birth weight, mental and physical disabilities which leads to the death of many infants before their first birthday. Moreover, poverty affects the development and learning abilities of children. It generates a sense of inferiority among children. Living in abstract poverty, children fail to develop a conception of themselves as free individuals capable of making choices and acting on them to shape their lives. A huge number of drop outs has been noticed in primary level in schools and many of them even can’t afford to access the schools owing to poverty. Unable to continue their studies and meet the basic needs, children are thrown into child labour. According to experts, such children are likely to fall prey to lethal drug addiction and crimes. It further adds to the miseries of the society. Children are believed to be the future of a country and it becomes the duty of government to provide the children with their basic rights. Before it ruins more lives government should find a solution to the problem of poverty.
Dharo Goth, Hub

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