Educational funds for KU

Muniba Sani Khan

The University of Karachi has approximately 95,000+ students and every year a large number of students keep KU as their first priority for admission but with the passage of time, the condition of the university is getting worse and the buildings are so grey and fear looms large that they would fall on the poor students any day. Not just the physical condition but also no essential needs are fulfilled either.
Serious action should be taken especially towards the social science department which contains 10+ sub departments. Majority of our young population is enrolled in Karachi University risking their life everyday for the sake of education. The condition is so worse that any slight earthquake vibration would destruct the whole department. Vast areas of barren land are being wasted, which could be used for construction.
The University of Karachi is spread out on a vast area and no proper shuttle service to travel from one department to another is available, or some clean water is provided anywhere while it’s just the beginning of the hot season. What would happen when the heat goes up? A huge room is labelled as gymnasium with nothing inside it; no sports equipment is available except to the students of health and physical department.
The government has earmarked Rs 84.19 billion for Education Affairs and Services in the federal budget for 2016-17 against Rs 75.57 billion it had allocated for last fiscal year, showing an increase of 11 percent still no positive progress is seen for the educational affairs in Karachi.

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