Educational corridor, when?

Muhammad Azam Minhas

“Read in the name of thy Allah Who created, creath man from a clot and thy Allah is the Most Bounteous; Who teacheth by the pen; teacheth man that which he knew not before (96:15)”. Let’s think; being a Muslim, are we obeying this Command of Allah? Surely not! And, surely, this is the reason of the Ummah’s degradation at present. Knowledge means: possession of information about facts, ideas, truth, principles and so on. The Nations, those possessed it, were called powerful so, ruled/ruling over the other by one-way-or- the-other. It is practiced and recognized in the past, witnessing at present and will continue till last day of the planet.
Imagine, when the Vikings [08 – 11c] inhabitants of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland were busy in plundering Europe, at the same time, Al-Khwarizmi was busy in search of knowledge of mathematics; Ibn-Sina in medical as well as philosophy; Al-Hakim had set up Dar-al-Hikmah [House of Knowledge]; Abbasids had set up a research institute called Baytal-Hikma; Jabir ibn-Hayyan became first chemist who had produced sulphuric acid; Al-Zahrawi recognized himself “Father of Modern Surgery”; and, Al-Zarqavi invented the astrolabe [historical astronomical instrument]!! It means when Muslims were producing knowledge, they were powerful. They overpowered Spain[over 700yrs]; Constantinople; France; North Africa; Cypress; Sardinia; Italy [ruled-over 264ys]; Egypt; Jerusalem; Syria; Walachia [Romania]; Serbia; Bosnia Herzegovina; Albania; Persia; Venice and; Hungary.
Alas; after that Muslims (Parents + Leadership) stopped to enhance knowledge. Ummah’s Directors did another serious mistake by directing their followers even, from consuming of knowledge produced by the non-Muslims. Instead, they built buildings and the highest building on the planet now is example of Dubai. The Jeddah Tower, of KSA – in a few years – will be the first Tower in the world to reach a full kilometre towards the sky. Alas, Iraq is also in queue, for crossing KSA!!
Being less knowledgeable, innocent young generation is accepting these Towers, as a gift, from ancestors for success. So, they are detracting them, from right track of earning of knowledge – formal (+) informal. At present, Ummah is absolutely knowledgeless, if compared with, advanced nations, really. So, side-by-side to Economic Corridor, starting of Educational Corridor (EC) is the best and quick solution for prosperity of Pakistan.

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