Educational activities resume at QAU amid strict security

Educational activities have been completely restored at Islamabad’s Qauid-e-Azam University (QAU) after twenty days under police surveillance on Tuesday.According to details, the security personnel are deployed inside and at the university’s main gate.
The management said that the police will continue to perform duties until the situation comes under control.All the students have been directed to wear their university cards as without them, they wouldn’t be allowed to enter the institution.
Superintendent Police (SP) Zubair Sheikh told media that the people who were detained over spreading chaos in the university have been released whereas secretariat police station has lodged three separate cases pertaining to interference in government affairs, vandalism and forcibly closing the classes against the students.
Police on Monday arrested more than 100 protesting students of QAU as they tried to shutdown the academic activities. Initially, they detained 41 protesters but the toll mounted with time as more protesting students made way into the university premises.
On October 4, QAU students went on a strike demanding that all the students who were expelled due to their involvement in a fight and strikes a few months ago be restored immediately.
The students also demanded that the fee structure be revised, new hostels be made, buses be provided, heavy fines be reimbursed and for student facilities to be improved.They also insisted to remove the Vice Chancellor Dr Javed Ashraf while accusing him of administrative irregularities and embezzlement.—INP

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