Education system

Education is the most powerful weapon which we use in the world. Unfortunately, education system in Balochistan is so much deteriorating and also the students fail to get quality education. Apart from this, there are many schools and collages which are not facilitated by the government of Balochistan. Students are compelled to continue their classes under trees. Many teachers remain mostly absent but still receive salaries regularly.
Furthermore, it is very disheartening to write that the Education Minister of Balochistan has failed to visit schools and colleges of the province. There are many students who face many woes, (especially hostels), which are to be addressed. Hostels are a big support for students. In Balochistan, hostels are unavailable and unsatisfactory. Many students, who come from villages to cities, are spending much money every month to continue their education. It is not possible for students to continue their studies. Finally, I request the educational authorities and the government to look into this seriously and take some worthwhile steps for their redressal.

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