Education sector

The lip-service commitment towards special attention to education sector at educational conference of Ailaana-e-Amal arranged on Monday 14/05/2018 by Alif Ailan, to enroll over 23 million out-of-school children and increasing the budget by the representatives of almost all political parties in Islamabad will never win the hearts and minds of the nation.
Our education system has, in fact, reached at the edge of extreme off-putting level where rhetoric of just enrollment and increasing of budget will never bring desired results. It, virtually, needs complete overhaul. As the said system is caught in the web of huge pitfalls of: low literacy rate; sub-standard education system; different education systems; apathy to female education; no schools in remote areas, ghost schools and teachers thereof; language issues; obsolete and old curricula; unhygienic conditions in educational institutions, lack of research facilities and specializations.
Keeping in view the web of education issues, it is imperative for the Government to come out with sincerity for complete overhauling of system and thereby actualizes its commitments as paying Lip Service is failed election gimmick. As eventually, the litmus test of successful Government Educational Policy is: “Phenomenal admissions flow from Private to Public institutions”

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