Education place key role in economic development of a nation

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National Council of Social Welfare Government of Pakistan, Islamabad organized one day consultative workshop titled “Review Draft Rules for Implementation of Article 25-A”,in collaboration with Idara-E-Taleem-O-Aagahi (ITA) &Child Right Movement (CRM) Islamabad. Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik, Chairman, National Council of Social Welfare chaired the workshop while Syed Ishtiaq-ul-Hassan Gilani, CEO, United Global Organization of Development (UGOOD) Islamabad, was the Chief Guest. Representatives of Civil Society, NGOs, Students, other stakeholders and large number of youth attended the consultative workshop.
Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik, Chairman, NCSW, in his presidential address deliberated that Education place key and central role in the economic development of a nation by engineering social development, economic prosperity and human resource development.
The Government of Pakistan assigns a very high priority to developing high quality, equitable, and widely accessible education system in Pakistan. Education is the most effective weapon to compete the other nations of world. It is the achievement of federal government that a national policy framework for preparation of equal curriculum has been prepared with the consensus of all provinces. Article 25-A ensures the education of children. Federal government has formulated policies to enroll those children who are out of school. Under the Prime Minister’s Educational Reform Programme, for Islamabad new busses have been provided to schools and special education centers.
Moreover, in junior schools lunch will also be provided. Soon, these activities will bear fruits and literacy rate will be increased. Today, all those proposals which have been presented by participants will be forwarded to relevant forums for implementation. Prominent speakers, Syed Ishtiaq-ul-Hassan Gilani, CEO, UGOOD, Ms. Sadaf Taimur, Programme Manager, Idara-E-Taleem-O-Aagahi (ITA), Mr. Nadeem Ahmed, Coordinator for 25-A implementation Cell, CA&DD, Islamabad,Mr. Matloob Hussain, Pakistan Reading Project and Ms. Uzma Sadiq, Community Mobilization Specialist PMERP said that in the schools of Islamabad, not only enrolment of students has increase but also infrastructure has been improved. It is our collective responsibility to impart quality of education to our students for a better future and provide suitable atmosphere to them.

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