Education: Our priority or not?

Iqra Ibrahim
Via Email

In every country, their very priority is education, because education is the main basic element of any country’s progress. But in our country education has no sort of importance the way our education system is now working. There is no proper hierarchy, like the way our country is divided into different castes. Parents are admitting their children in O levels or Aga Khan Board or say Federal Board, only middle class families are now going towards Sindh Board. This education division makes complexity in students, because if we see high calibre universities like IBA, SZABST, HABIB, etc their first concern would be A Level and Federal Board students then where intermediate students should go? Our government should maintain and fully focus on our education system, whether to make one proper education board or make that sort of budget so everyone can afford O levels and A levels.
Secondly, the government should close all the coaching centres because these coaching centres are jeopardizing our students’ mental capacity of thinking. Because of coaching centres many students don’t want to get admission in private universities. Thirdly, government colleges must be regular, hire proper teachers, pay them handsome salary; if we do this, students will at least get rid of coaching centres. If we see in Karachi there are so many coaching centres and in every coaching centre there are hundreds of students. If we close these coaching centres and hire their teachers for government colleges, definitely our education system will get improved. If we want that our youth should stay here, study and work then government has to focus on education system first.

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