Education makes nations strong

Hamid Ali NB

History tells us that many nations have come and gone. Some were strong and some were weak. There were different standards of being strong at different points in time. Countries having strong armed forces were once counted super powers but it is not totally true; the erstwhile Soviet Union is an example, which despite having an unbeatable military might around the globe collapsed like the house of cards. The most useful tool today is education. There is no denying the fact that in today’s modern era, only those nations would survive which are educationally sound and strong. Literacy alone can bring development, empowerment and sustainability and achieve desired goals. I would like to request all of my brothers and sisters to focus on education and only education, without which we cannot claim pride of place among comity of nations. I would also stress on the need for greater “societal involveent” in achieving higher literacy target and would remind of UNESCO slogan of ‘Each One Teach One’.

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