Education is the only key to progress: Dr Atta-ur-Rehman


1166 Hamdard University students awarded degrees

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Karachi—In a Solemn annual Convocation Ceremony of Hamdard University, 1166 Students have been awarded degrees including 549 in absentia and 617 recipients to commemorate their academic accomplishments. Along with the Graduates, 7 Doctoral (PhD’s) and 21 M Phil (Master) Degree have been awarded on this occasion.
Distinguished Students securing first position in seven Faculties of the University have been awarded with 25 – Hamdard University Gold Medals. Whereas 9 Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said Gold Medals have been awarded to the Best Graduates of various faculties for their outstanding achievements throughout their study period.
In all 1166 degrees, were awarded in 20th convocation, held on Saturday February 27, 2016 at Mueed Hall, Madinat al-Hikmah Karachi. Speaking on the occasion chief guest and renowned scientist, Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman Said that human resource is the most important natural resource now-a-days and now nations are built by education. Modern Science and Technology have entirely changed the world and if we need to develop and progress we should invest in education, the only key make progress.
Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Mrs. Sadia Rashid, The Chancellor of Hamdard University while congratulating the students who won awards and Medals and extending felicitation to all degree recipients, said that Hamdard University has done its best to provide healthy, safe, congenial environment, good teachers, modern equipment and best guidance possible to its students which helped them making their career more brilliant as they have educated at Hamdard University.
He said the Madinat al-Hikmah is a dream, seen by a visionary, man Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said and his daughter Mrs. Sadia Rashid, making this dream more attractive and fruitful. While congratulating the passing graduates, he said that now they have many opportunity to show their talents but, first. They must be thankful to their teachers and parents because without their care, attention and support they would have not achieved this success.
Second, they should keep thrust for knowledge without pursing knowledge, integrity and having integrity they would be able to wisdom. Countries are built through scientific education, Technology and skilled manpower. Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said had invested his life earning in education building a city of education, science and culture.
Mrs. Sadia Rashid, Chancellor, Hamdard University while addressing the convocation said that it was the hope and Endeavour of the Founding Chancellor of the Hamdard University, Hakim Mohammed Said and she quoted his word – “to prepare Pakistani Youth for the challenges of tomorrow… to see (them) develop the qualities of devotion, love, determination and service to mankind.
Needless to say, I echo his hope and prayer, for knowledge is little without direction, and better to travel slowly on the straggled and narrow path, with your head held high than to race along on a highway of progress, she concluded.
The Vice Chancellor Hamdard University Prof. Dr. Hakim Abdul Hannan on this occasion Said that following the successful 20-academic years of Hamdard University, the regular holding of annual convocation at the University is evident of the fact that how much significance is given by the University to this event. He said that Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said’s vision was to achieve excellence in every aspect of education therefore he established the Largest private general University.
The increase of students the equipment this improving standards are evident of the fact that the vision of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said has been realized who wanted to achieve excellence in various fields of education. The main green campus of University comprises on a land of over 350 areas with all required facilities and hostels for Boys and Girls.
Two fully equipped hospitals are working in the city, a free Dispensary has been established in Khuda ki Basti, Shifa-ul-Mulk Memorial Hospital is functional to cater the needs of patients of more than 38 Goths around Madinat al-Hikmah free of cost as well as a free Village School in working fully supported by Hamdard Foundation Pakistan under President and our Chancellor Mrs. Sadia Rashid.
He mentioned that special thanks are due to Mrs. Sadia Rashid who kindly sanctions million of Rupees for the developmental educational projects of Hamdard University. There are given scholarships and free ships regularly to needy and deserving students he added.
Ms. Fatema Munir Ahmed, Vice President, Madinat al-Hikmah steered vote of thanks. Mrs. Sadia Rashid, Chancellor, Hamdard University Presented a Shield of Replace of Seal of Holy Prophet (PBUH) to chief guest, Prof. Dr. Atta ur Rahman.

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